Country Boyz Pizza.

The Best Pizza in Rural Strathcona County.

Available For Pick Up Thursday to Monday. (Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.)

Simply give us a call and place your order. It will be ready a little less than half an hour later. Sometimes we may be a bit longer if we are really busy, but we will always quote you a time when you place your order.

We can have your order ready at a specified time if you call ahead.

We are located inside Country Boyz Tempo on Wye Road.

Directly across from the cash counter is our pizza restaurant. The Gas Station is located on Wye Road at Range Road 214.  We are open Thursday to Monday from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM


We can do special orders any time of day.

We can cater special orders anytime of day. Please call us a day or two in advance. It is possible to arrange for delivery of special orders.


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